My research to date has been on contemporary Latin American literature and visual cultures, with a focus on the Andes region.  I have worked with representations of historically marginalized indigenous groups and knowledge practices, as well as queerness, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as they are made manifest via poetry, performance, and installation art. My future research will focus on indigenous futurisms in Latin America. 

My first book, Beyond Human: Vital Materialisms in the Andean Avant-Gardes, is available for purchase via Rutgers University Press. This book breaks new ground as the first to mobilize conversations between Andean literature and art and theoretical work on new materialist studies. I look at poets, performance artists, and installation artists from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, all of whom emphasize the vitality of their own bodies and the ecosystems of which they are part. I demonstrate that the materiality of the body is similar to natural materials like water, rocks, and the air in order to reframe the human as an inextricable part and result of an ecosystem, not the master over the same.  

In tandem with this book, I have published articles in literary journals, as well as gender and sexualities studies journals, including Revista crítica literaria latinoamericana, Chasqui, Feminist Studies, and Letras femeninas. I am co-editor of the book Decolonial Approaches to Latin American Literatures and Cultures with Juan G. Ramos (Palgrave, 2016). 

This summer (2018), I traveled to Bolivia where I began research on neoindigenista architecture and indigenous cultural production in El Alto and La Paz. I am fascinated by the ways that indigenous groups navigate their own modernity through simultaneous references to the past, present, and future. My next book project concerns itself with indigenous futurisms; that is, the ways that indigenous cultures  produce both visual art, architecture and literature that challenges entrenched assumptions about the separation between indigeneity and technology. The Aymara of Bolivia trade with China, navigate global markets, and travel in the most cutting-edge urban funicular system in the world. They are indigenous futurism in the flesh, not a representation of it.  



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I am from Connecticut and completed my PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures at University of California, Berkeley in 2010.  I have taught at The College of William and Mary, Mount Holyoke College, and Marquette University, in the areas of Spanish, Latin American studies, and gender and sexualities studies.  I love to travel, read, write, and walk around unfamiliar cities, landscapes, and museums.  I am also a runner and am looking forward to running an 18-mile race in October 2019. 


2018 Tara Daly